10 Sure Shot Ways to Get Free Traffic

Web traffic is defined by the amount of visitors reaching a website on any given day. A newbie to the Internet also knows that without getting web traffic, their online business has no chance of succeeding, let alone any hopes of making money online.

Get Free TrafficWeb traffic is of two kinds: organic traffic (free) and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is generated naturally through a website or blog marketing whereas in paid traffic, you pay a marketer to bring traffic to your site.

While paid traffic is not all the time recommended because Google favors natural traffic, getting natural or free traffic is not that easy either.

Here we list for you the 10 best ways to get free traffic

1. Submit Press Releases – Press releases are announcements businesses make introducing its readers to new services and products.

However, these days, online marketers and bloggers are also using free press release services to post a press release review of products that they are perhaps affiliates of. Or press releases are used for announcing new websites.

Whatever the reason may be, creating a press release is a very good way to gain free traffic. Moreover, you don’t have to create hundreds of press releases. Just write one press release, add the links and post it to all the free press release directories. Make sure the title of the press release is catchy.

2. Blog! Blog! Blog! – There is no substitute to blogging. If you have an online business, you must have a professional website. Associated with this website should be a blog that you can use to write about subjects related to your business.

If you are selling products, write about them or if you are selling services, talk about them as well.

Always remember that blogging should be informal in nature. Post one blog everyday for 12 months and you’ll see a sizeable difference in your web traffic.

You can announce your blog by submitting it to search engines once you have enough posts.

3. Submit on YouTube – Video marketing is a rage these days. With thousands of videos being added to YouTube daily, you maximize your chances of getting free traffic from YouTube.

The good news is YouTube is owned by Google so if you can make a good video and use proper SEO keywords, you can receive targeted traffic. Moreover, you don’t need professional assistance to create YouTube account and upload video you created. It is a completely DIY site.

4. Write Amazon Reviews – Amazon is the world leader in online business. There are hardly any types of products that Amazon does not sell.

So where does your business come in to play? Amazon is always on the lookout of detailed product reviews. Set up an Amazon account, review their products, introduce your link after the review and if people like your review, there is positive chance that they will click on your link as well. To keep getting free traffic, keep reviewing as many products as possible.

5. Offer Free Products – If you visit a blog and you are offered a free e-book on, let’s say, strategies for low budget Internet marketing, which otherwise costs $20 in the market, will you leave the offer or take it?

If you have any sense, you will take it! You would also sign up on their subscriber list; go through their blog looking for more information and other, if possible, freebies.

Now turn the table around – you have a website that uses such a strategy, what are your chances of getting free traffic? A lot, I would say! People love free information; especially those kinds that will help them make money online. You fulfill their demand and they fulfill yours in terms of steady traffic…easy economics!

6. Offer Guest PostingGuest posting is not only a great way to increase free traffic but also generate free back links.

Moreover, keep in mind to guest post on those sites that are related to your business industry. Guest posting on a diet and nutrition site when your business is about selling construction is a very poor example of business sense. Find guest posting sites related to your own industry. And don’t forget to link the post back to your website or blog.

7. Interact with Visitors – One of the main rules of thumb to get free traffic and also often ignored by many.

Interacting with site visitors lets them know that there is a ‘human’ behind the website and that it’s not another keyword-based domain looking to earn from advertisement revenues.

You can interact with visitors in four ways: replying to their comments, opening an online poll, adding visitor to social networking pages and sending meaningful emails to them.

It is always a good sign when a blog receives comments. Also an online poll helps you gauge reader’s interest in your content. Using Facebook and Twitter is very common today. Ask your readers to share your content on their profile; and lastly, sending periodic emails updates the readers about new developments like new products or services offered…

8. Opt for Free Classifieds – Free classifieds like craigslist.org, Google places, and thousands of others is an old marketing strategy.

Create a good marketing pitch page, which should sound neither too businesslike nor too promotional; and post them on multiple free classifieds. Make sure to optimize the classified page with good / high ranking keywords that will enable people to find you and visit your website.

9. Article Marketing – One of the oldest methods of online marketing. Even though article marketing is the favorite method for online businesses, it still hasn’t reach stagnation. People are always on the lookout for new, refreshing and original content.

Create 10 original articles, rewrite each original 5 times, and post them to multiple article directories with an author’s byline and a website link. Remember – the articles should be about the business you are dealing in.

10. Use Social Networking Sites – One of the preferred methods today to get free traffic is social networking. Synchronize you website or blog with networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace, others.

Using these 10 ways are not a one time task. You have to stay consistent to continue receiving good traffic to your website or blog.

What is your trick of getting free traffic? Share with us below…

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