10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?

The Google Plus is the final nail in the coffin for Facebook. Google Plus seems to have fulfilled the only lacking factor for Google Inc. – its own social networking platform that can compete with Facebook.

10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?While researching google plus vs facebook for this piece, I came across several user comments hailing Google as the ‘undisputed power’ or ‘undisputed giant’ online. Well…it might be true!

Come to think of it, Google now owns the largest advertising revenue sharing network; the biggest free video sharing network (YouTube), a large blogger network and now it’s on its way to become the biggest social networking site ever.

I am not being biased…simply stating the popular mass mentality about google + vs facebook.

Let’s look at the 10 reasons why Google Plus is better than Facebook

  1. Clears Clutter with Tagging Control – Facebook allows everyone to tag photos and does not inform its users. This interferes with one’s privacy because a person is still tagged even if the person does not want to be tagged. In contrast, Google + allows you to choose people who can tag you and whether they are allowed to mention the location of tagging. When you use Google +, the option to tag is enabled for every user. You can change this setting and choose the circles who can tag you.
  1. Huddle Mobile Application – The mobile application used by Facebook does not match Google + innovative Huddle mobile app. The application gives Google + users better connectivity via mobile phone through an integrated social network platform – Huddle. It is a chat application to communicate with your Circles and it is especially suitable for Android users. For those who are still using a Smartphone like Blackberry and iPhone, they can use the HTML 5 apps of Google +.
  1. Enhanced Privacy Control – While Facebook is a firm believer of making everything public, Google + believes in the privacy of its users. Constant Facebook updates are destroying whatever privacy users enjoyed previously. Even if you delete your account, the status reflects it! Trying desperately to compete with Google +, Facebook has banned exporting your contacts and pictures out of Facebook into Google. To make Google + more user-friendly, it introduced Google Takeout which allows users to export pictures, profile details, stream and contacts to anywhere the user wants.
  1. Geo-Tagging – When Google + was launched, Facebook didn’t have any way of sharing the location of users on the Facebook wall. But again, Facebook wants to beat the competition and thus introduced its own geo-tagging feature. However, the credit for originality goes to Google + that shares the current location of the user with his/her Circles. This feature has to be enabled as it is disabled by default.
  1. Friend List Management – Google has introduced the concept of Circles where users create their own circles, name them and categorize their contacts accordingly. While some many find this feature time consuming, especially those with a large number of friends list, it is nonetheless essential to categorize for privacy reasons. You may not want to share a stream with ‘colleagues’ but you would share with your ‘friends’…. Google + Circles helps allow you to do this. You can use the HTML 5 drag and drop feature to list your friends in Circles. This interface is much better than Facebook, which has also introduced its own ‘listing’ segment but using it is definitely messy.
  1. It’s a Complete Package – Now you don’t need to log in to Facebook and say ‘Hi’ to your office staff or catch up with your friends by logging in separately to any other social media platform. With Google +, you have better business production and social life all concentrated into one place. You have access to calendars, its application market, word processing, GTalk, Gmail and a host of other applications at one place….a complete package!!!
  1. Google + Hangout – Facebook is way behind Google + when it comes to video chatting. True, Facebook sealed a deal with Skype and just introduced the video chat feature but what Google + did is far better because you can actually see and speak with others without worrying about quality as Google has enhanced its processor speed and video chat quality which is much better than what Skype can manage at this time. You can create your Hangout zones through Google + profile page, invite friends and chat away!
  1. It’s a Top Search Engine Company – Google is a brand. Period. It can stand alone on its own without getting involved in other third party groups. The fact that it has merged with other online companies to widen their productivity and connection shows its brand power. Google has experience to challenge any competitors. Introducing Google + solidifies its online brand.
  1. Google + Games – Are you bored with Farmville and FishVille? Those are decidedly games for kids. If you want a stress buster at the end of the day or something to churn your mind and help you concentrate better, head over to Google + Sparks. Here you can find stuff you are interested in easily, right from fashion to music… you just place your search and Sparks will send stuff related to your interest.
  1. No Advertisements – This might change in the future but as of now Google + does not have any advertisements while Facebook has lots of them. Facebook, even though it is free, looks more like a business platform day-by-day. It maybe possible Google will start placing ads as well, but as of now, it is perfect. Google + is also thinking of intruding a business page for users where, I think, all the advertisement placements should be directed.

These were your 10 reasons why Google + is better than Facebook. Google + is in the beginning stages so we all have to wait and watch how it really performs.

Moreover, the usability of Google + is still a bit restricted because not many people are switching from other social media sites to Google +. Everyone is waiting – waiting to see what Facebook is going to do to sustain the Google + effect and what Google + will do to attract more social media users.

For all our Facebook loyal fans, wait for our next segment on reasons why Facebook is better than Google Plus.

What are your thoughts on Google + and Facebook competition? Share with us below.

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