10 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Google Plus

Facebook.com or plus.google.com…which is easier to type? Obviously facebook.com! This is the smallest example that’s enough to define how Facebook is a better option than Google Plus.

Facebook Google PlusNo other brain battle can get more intense than the world war between Google Plus and Facebook. USA Today, the most popular newspaper of the U.S.A.surveyed 20,000 users of social networking sites and found that 84% of these users use Facebook.

Even though the survey took into consideration Facebook users from the US only, it proves that Facebook is dominating social networking sites on the Internet. Facebook has always covered huge amounts of traffic in the Google plus vs. Facebook war.

Facebook has given new thoughts, games, applications and exciting features to its 750 million users and is constantly moving ahead in the war.

How Facebook is better than Google+?

The one who dominates add its competitors day by day. Considering the fact that Google has tried to attract Internet savvies to join its new social networking hub ‘The Google+’.  However, Google+ is nothing but an advanced version of Orkut.

In the past, Google has tried to cover maximum social networking attention by its products Orkut, Buzz and Wave.  Amongst these three, Wave and Buzz were lackluster. On the other hand, successful marketing campaigns acquired by Facebook has gradually enhanced its ranking and within 3 years, Facebook has emerged as the top social networking hub for Internet users globally.

Let’s sort out a feature-by-feature comparison between these two social networks. You will easily observe such a comparison that Facebook and Google + are offering almost “xeroxed” functionalities of each other.

  1. “Likes” and +1 – Every user is quite familiar with the “likes” option in Facebook. With Facebook likes, users can add a “likes” tag on their choice of snaps, feed comments, etc… The chosen “likes” by the user is highlighted on his/her friend’s profile.  Google plus provides the same functionality as the “+1” option.
  2. Little upgrade to Group sharing – Facebook provides a facility of sharing personal information, snaps, and updates to the choicest of people. For this, users need to create different groups according to the priorities of his friends.

    Facebook provides the feature of information abstractions between groups. Users can easily share his personals to his choice of people by keeping the same information hidden from other people.

    Same approach has been adopted by Google+ in its customized option “Circles.” However, this option is quite user friendly and easy to handle as compared to Facebook.

  3. Chat servicesGoogle Talk is the older and widely used Chat platform of Google. Google+ uses the same Google talk server on “Google Hangout.” This “hangout” chat application is almost the same as Facebook chat and provides the same chat functionality as Facebook.

    Facebook chat improved its chat application 2 months before and introduced group chat functionality on Facebook via Skype. Also its video calling facility is more effective than that of Google talk.

  4. Private Messaging – Like the Facebook messaging system, Google Plus doesn’t provide any sending report. That’s why people prefer to use Facebook as compared to Google+ since its integrated chat and messages system allows the user to get messages even when he/she is offline.
  5. Compatibility to mobile devices – It cannot be denied that Facebook doesn’t provide separate chat applications for mobile devices. Therefore, users have to install an eBuddy application which supports Facebook chat platform for mobiles. On the other hand, Google+ is compatible only with the Android devices. That means, other mobile devices like Nokia, Samsung and other brands which don’t have Android or a similar level of an Operating System cannot access Google+. Facebook can be accessed from any mobile devices, even compatible with those who don’t have an Android operating system.
  6. Add brand value to business via Facebook – This is the most appreciative facility provided by Facebook. Creating a fan page or business page representing a business or organization doesn’t only provide traffic to the business website but also enhances the brand value of the business. People attach themselves to business services and products after seeing associated business pages on Facebook. Google+ doesn’t allow creating any business pages on it YET.
  7. Ask whatever you want to – Facebook provides a user friendly environment and therefore, it has maintained its status as the most popular social networking platform worldwide. People not only share their thoughts and ideas with their friends, but they are also provided with the facility to ask anything to their friends. Facebook provides polls on profile’s Walls where users have the freedom to share anything with his/her friends. Google plus doesn’t provide such an interesting facility to its users YET.
  8. Get friend’s location in clicksFacebook Place is the new and most interesting facility appreciated worldwide. Users can now search their Facebook friend’s location by just using this facility.

    Google+ also offers the same service via “Google Location”, but it is not as effective as the “Facebook Place” feature. However, Google is planning to introduce a new feature which will allow users to add their information and their approx. location on “Google Location” in its next updates.

  9. Fun and Entertainment zone – Facebook is an ocean of interactive games and funny applications to enjoy life by social networking and thus, it is known as the king of online gaming zones. Google+, besides social networking, doesn’t provide any interesting platforms to enjoy with friends.
  10. Better security aspects – Facebook has various beneficial security updates to protect users profiles from being hacked. In Facebook, users cannot manually modify or control private interaction with other Facebook users with the help of any third party application.

    Google+ also has various security controls for every aspect but Google plus Chrome Extension can help hackers to attack users profiles by redefining and adding dangerous functionalities on Google+ profile.

It is very difficult to accept that Google+ will dominate the social networking arena in the near future by keeping the same functionalities as that of Facebook. Consequently, Facebook with its various interesting features is succeeding in the Google+ vs. Facebook battle.

Which do you like better? Let us know below…

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    I have been on Facebook forever, with that said it lags, crashes constantly gets a facelift and takes and uses your information for research purposes when people(companies) pay them for it! I for one am tired of doing their work for free!! I love the new Google+ and it is awesome!! Yeah, FB may be leading in social media sites however, they are established Google + is new give it time, and you will see I think the numbers will definable change I also think its biased to only have US users on the study, as I am Canadian so I guess I didn’t make that poll.

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